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Is a stand-alone universal postprocessor for machine programming.  It is focused in the machine-tool market (like milling-machines, milling centers, turning-machines), and can convert any CNC or CAM language.  It can also change or improve the machine programs due to the capability of doing calculations, transformations, analysis, error search...

To get an optimal adaptation to your needs (type of parts, machines, CAM systems), we do the set-up of the program.

Its main features


  • Universal.  It is capable of read and write many languages and can be set-up for even more.  Thanks to this universality, you will be able to centralize every program postprocess that you need for all the programming sources (CAM systems, manual programming, subcontract programming) and machines.
  • Powerful.  JanusP can manage very complex languages, with changes and calculations in the process, and still, in a fast way.
  • Extensible.  We have design it to be extensible.  You do not need to wait for a new version to have a new extension you have order.
  • User-friendly.  As user, you will only need to follow a few steps to postprocess a file:  select the type of file to process; select the machine to which you will send the program; select the file to process and... do it!