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Available features

Geometrical transformations


  • 3+2 axis. Three axis continuous movement and positioning of rotary axis.  With head or table transformation, working plane and axial cycles (pocketing, drilling, threading...)
  • Continuous 5 axis.  This function can convert a generic CAM program to the machine and it can also change from one machine to another (even with different machine configurations).  It also makes the unscrewing (calculation for rotary axis with limits) with optimal path search to reduce the number of unscrews or to keep the precision.
  • Machine geometry change.  The program is able to recalculate a program to be executed in machines with different set-ups.

Other features

  • Special commands automatization.  It is possible to execute special devices of the machine depending on different conditions, for example: geometric; number or type of tool or even comments sent from your CAM system.
  • Automatic comments to guide the machine operator.  This comments would tell what the machine is doing.  Like this, you will reduce the time your operators gets used to all of the machines.

In development

  • Possibility of make some parameters of the postprocessor open to user configuration.
  • NURBS and arc fitting.
  • Batch or automatic processing.