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Adapt it to your ideas

Do you think you could have an improvement from a different way of use the technology you have?  An improvement in the programming that you have not found in any of the programming systems?

Let us study if we can do what you are thinking with our program.  JanusP is a program thought to be extended with new solutions.  Next we give you some very different ideas our program can do:

In the machine


  • You can convert geometric functions or special cycles to execute them in a CNC that do not have the ability to understand them
  • Automatic comments that will be shown in the machine to let your operator know what is the program doing, making faster the adaptation of new operators.

Depending on your type of parts


  • Repeat usual cycles of your parts from a command of your own
  • Introduce adjusting parameters in the CAM program (like finishing heigh, radius compensation)

New programming functions


  • Send functions manually from the CAM system with commentaries that are converted for the machine
  • Automatic special functions from the machine builder to improve the use of your machine